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L2 Independent

High Five

Live NOW!

BETA test finished

Every player who has helped us in testing will receive their rewards after live server started!

50x rates

L2 Independent

Stream windows available, get in touch via FB or e-mail!

The server you were always looking for...


Classic gameplay experience!

Retail-like class balance! You can play your favourite class without getting disappointed.

Looking for fun? Check out our online map to find other players, or get hidden for farming in peace...

In the donation shop

Are you bored from pay-to-win servers?
Check out our donater shop, there isn't anything like that!

Change your character's appearance!

be unique...

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Good to know...!

Upcoming events

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Follow our page on Facebook, share our server opening post, and leave a comment "I would like to participate in the event".
Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get involved.
Ten person will be randomly selected from each platform to be rewarded with valuable in-game items.

Social Event.

The 1st Heroes Event.

The 1st hero of each class on the server will be rewarded valuable in-game items.

1st Heroes Event.

1st Siege !

The 1st siege winners will receive extra reward for their efforts to conquer the world of Aden.

Castle Siege Event.